Frequently Asked Questions

  • Account

  • How do I login?

    You can login through our iOS app or website, using one of several methods. You can login using your Google, Facebook, or your Apple user name and password. You can also log in using the credentials created when you register using our 2-step registration process.

  • How do I register?

    You can register through the app or the website, using one of a number of methods. You can register through such third-party platforms as Facebook, Apple, and Google. Registering using one of these methods is easier as you will skip the account verification process. You can also register using our 2-step registration process, which requires you to provide login credentials in the first step, and then confirm the credentials in the second.

  • How do change my password?

    Passwords can be changed in the App or on the website by following the appropriate instructions provided in the account management portal for each respective platform.

  • Payments

  • How do I subscribe?

    Users can subscribe in the app or through our website. Should you choose to subscribe in the App, you will have to go directly to the app store to cancel your subscription. Likewise, should you choose to subscribe through our website, any cancellations would have to be done on our website.

  • Can I can cancel my subscription?

    Yes. If you subscribe using the app, go have to manage or cancel your subscription in your accounts setting on the app store. If you subscribe using the website you have to go back to the website to manage your account or cancel your services.

  • What is the cost of subscribing to our platform?

    We offer only a monthly subscription in three currencies: Canadian, US, and Pound sterling. You can find the cost of our subscription on our website and in the App. To find the cost on our website go to and to find the cost in the App go to menu and then subscriptions.