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Volatility 2020: Recession watch

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The coronavirus pandemic and coinciding market decline have left investors grasping for answers. We visit with U.S. economist Jared Franz and fixed income portfolio manager Pramod Atluri to discuss the likely course of the inevitable recession, what the Fed and other central banks must do stem the tide and what the investment world could look like on the other side of “the valley.” Includes a special message from Capital Group vice chairman Rob Lovelace. This episode is...

Has cannabis assisted your recovery from opioids? Listen now to see if you qualify for Maegan's study!

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STUDY PARTICIPATION REQUESTED: Are you a former opioid user? Do you currently use cannabis or cannabis products like edibles or THC oils? Has cannabis helped support your recovery process from opioids? Are you 21 or older? You may qualify for a study aimed at understanding the unique experiences of individuals who have terminated their opioid use by using cannabis or cannabis products. Study participants will receive a $15 Visa gift card. All information collected during the...

0079 Becoming Immortal With Matt Morris #BOSSLEE

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Don’t start listening to this podcast until you have your pen and paper. Matt is going to walk you through being driven, courageous, determined, and more. You will hear about how terrible he was when he started network marketing and the shifting point for him when he decided to take it seriously. He discusses not having to be perfect, and he gives presentation secrets. Coming from a man who has filled Dallas Cowboys stadium I think this is something you might want to take...

Emergency Series Tenants and Rent with Sarah Coupland

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Tenants under financial distress and ability to pay rent is the subject of this week’s interview, the first in a series of emergency webinars as I’m asking friends who are leading experts in the community for favours to come on my webinar and podcast to share what they are doing starting with multifamily expert and investor Sarah Coupland. She is a talented multifamily investor, owner of with over 10 years experience, she’s a friend, my regular go to for tenant...

PSA for Startup Land: 2020 - Year of Survival

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Brand new Techish: This episode was an excerpt from a twitter live chat [recorded earlier in the week] with Abadesi and Michael discussing how to survive in startup land in 2020! Remote Work: www.pocitjobs.com/remote Hustle Crew: www.hustlecrew.co Level Up: #Techish Stuff: Use the hashtag #Techish on Twitter. Support Techish at www.patreon.com/techish Advertise on Techish: goo.gl/forms/MY0F79gkRG6Jp8dJ2 Stay In...

IABC Houston's Austin Staton on stepping up and their FREE COVID-19 Crisis Webinar - Ep. 219

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Welcome to episode 219 of the IABC International Podcast. Austin Staton, President of IABC Houston, and host of The Business Communicators podcast joins Dan Gold to speak about new resources for members during the global pandemic. One key part of this is a standout panel discussion produced by the chapter. Available here: .  ==== The Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has disrupted the global markets and the pandemic is now impacting many within our own community. Schools have...

Beating Procrastination - Wake Up Earlier

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Today we are talking about Tip #2 for helping you to beat procrastination, which is to, Wake Up Earlier. Waking up earlier in the day can often improve your odds of getting things accomplished. More productive people are generally out and about during the early morning hours, and you will likely find the atmosphere a lot more conducive to productivity than the atmosphere of the early afternoon or evening hours. Get up earlier to exercise, stretch, meditate, and get those...

204 The Link Up with Latesha : Working From Home + Maintaining Your Peace

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On the twenty-third installment of The Link Up with Latesha, our incredible host Latesha Byrd, founder of Byrd Career Consulting, talks about how to deal with your co-workers and bosses as you work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. She also stresses the importance of setting boundaries to help ensure you get your work done and maintain your peace. Listen to the full episode to find out why she's a big advocate for over-communication and a lot more! Learn more about...

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