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29may20-biv today

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On BIV Today... Community Savings Credit Union CEO Mike Schilling joins the show to discuss some of the organizations left behind in the federal government’s Canada Emergency Business Account, and how financial institutions are stepping up. Tyler Orton hosts, see more

#119 Roots of Peace Founder Heidi Kuhn on Turning Mines to Vines

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Heidi Kuhn, CEO and Founder of was raised with a pioneer spirit, love for the earth and humanity. Heidi’s commitment to peace was further strengthened during her time attending University of California Berkeley in the 1970’s. After a cancer diagnosis, Heidi made a promise to God to help others. Inspired by commitment to the removal of landmines, Heidi recovered, and lived up to her promise by founding Roots of Peace with a vision of turning “Mines to Vines” –...

A New Type of Trade? And The Breakout Sector Everyone Else Is Missing!

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A new type of trade? Matt explains how this new type of trade he call's the proximity trade, could lead to great gains for investors. Matt also goes into a sector of the market you may not have though about, Pets, and he gets specific with the companies he's been looking at. Despite everything going on there are still opportunities out there for smart investors, and Matt has you covered, on this episode of Moneyline!

The New Facebook Shops - Everything You Need To Know

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Last week Facebook announced the roll out of it's latest product Facebook Shops. A new omni channel shopping experience that will link business to customers and customers to products and services. Facebook Shops undoubtedly will herald the biggest change to the online retail experience we have seen in a very long time. With over 160m small businesses using Facebook and it's associated aps to connect, converse and sell to their customers, this new technology will be a game...

105 | Mind Your Own Business

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In this episode, we have Andy talk about how we can best focus on achieving our goals. We usually hear the saying, “Mind your own business” but we rarely think of it as a strategy to help us aim our attention to things that serve our objectives.  So, listen to Andy now as he breaks down some tactics on how minding our own business boosts our productivity in achieving our aspirations. Quotes: "Don't Give Away Your Best Time To Other People.” “Stop Worrying About...

Meg Morley - Youthworks ND - Guardian Ad Litem Program

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IT'S HERE! SEASON 2 - EPISODE 6 of the BE A FOSTER Podcast! Listen to this episode to hear from Meg Morley, who is featured in the current issue of -North Dakota. She's joining us to put a voice to her article and to share a little more about her experience with Youthworks of North Dakota and their Guardian Ad Litem Program, as well as her passion for the Foster Community! “I am not a foster parent, but I have the privilege of being involved with the foster care system...

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