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155: Strip Club Economics - Rori Gordon

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Rori Gordon attended the School of Hard Knocks. After high school Rori worked in several facilities as a bartender. She learned about operations and management at the various places she was employed. In 1980 Ms. Gordon was offered a position managing the Hollywood Motel. After two years the nightclub located at the Hollywood Motel became available for lease. Ms. Gordon started Rori Promotions. At the same time she signed a lease with the Motel owner for the nightclub space...

Thu. 09/24 – The Rebel Alliance Forming To Battle App Stores

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The Rebel Alliance has a name: The Coalition for App Fairness. Microsoft will make office available without a subscription. Software as a purchase, if you will, instead of a subscription. Radical. Say hello to the Galaxy S20 FE. And does the gaming industry make pre-orders and console launches so messy on purpose? Sponsors: Links: (Engadget) (Windows Central) (The Verge) (TechCrunch) (WSJ) (Reuters) (The Verge)

Episode 7: An eye for good companies - with Devan Kaloo

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In front of the mic for our next Responsible Investing podcast is Devan Kaloo. Here, Devan takes us through his storied career, from his roots in emerging markets to his current role as Global Head of Equities. Throughout this time he has seen many market booms & busts, as well as a number of crises. This has given him keen insights into a variety of topics, especially one of the most exciting issues today – the future of responsible investing.

How can beginner investors decide which shares to buy?

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This week, we’re dealing with a question that is pretty fundamental to investing - how should you decide which shares to buy? Researching companies is a lifetime’s work for some people but that doesn’t mean novice investors can’t make sound investment choices for themselves armed with just a few simple ideas and concepts. That’s our focus this week. If you enjoy the show, please rate us, share us or leave a comment wherever you get your podcasts. See...

“Elon’s 3 year hype” — Tesla’s un-Tesla Battery Day. GoodRX’s IPO prescription. General Mills’ innovation renovation.

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Elon announced… big goals at Tesla’s Battery Day. And Tesla’s stock dropped because we didn’t see the Elon we were expecting. GoodRX shares popped 53% on IPO day because it’s the of prescription drugs. And General Mills’ is so desperate to keep you buying cheap cereal that it’s making up business terms and mixing yogurt with candy. $TSLA $GDRX $GIS Got a SnackFact? Tweet it Want a shoutout on the pod? Fill out this form: Learn more about your ad choices....

Honoring the Life & Legacy of RBG

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Gillian Thomas, Senior Staff Attorney for the ACLU's Women's Rights Project - which Ruth Bader Ginsburg helped create - talks about RBG's legacy and what enabled her to lead significant change in women's rights and racial equality throughout her life and career. See for privacy and opt-out information.

Value: After Hours S02 E37 Butterflies, Trust, and Ethical Collapse; $NKLA Goes Downhill; $QRTEA

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Value: After Hours is a podcast about value investing, Fintwit, and all things finance and investment by investors Tobias Carlisle, Bill Brewster and Jake Taylor. See our latest episodes at Donate to the FinTwit Value vs Growth War here (it's for a good cause--The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention): About Jake: Jake is a partner at Farnam Street. Jake's website: Jake's podcast: Jake's Twitter: Jake's book: The Rebel Allocator About Bill: Bill runs Sullimar...

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