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Infrastructure Investing with Christopher Huemmer, Senior Investment Strategist for FlexShares ETFS

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Hello podcast listeners, Today is a very special episode with Christopher Huemmer, Senior Investment Strategist for FlexShares Exchange Traded Funds. Before this Chris worked at Zacks Investment Research where he was Director of Index Services. He earned his BS from Cornell University and is a CFA Charterholder. In today’s episode we discuss infrastructure investing and the opportunities in this space. Enjoy and thanks for the listen!

Vitaliy's Talk with Indiana University Students, Part 1 - Ep 123

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In Part 1 of this 2 part series, Vitaliy talks with Indiana University MBA and MsF students about his approach to investing. He covers a variety of important topics, such as how to find your own investing style, sell discipline, and the limits of screens for finding great compounders. Enjoy! You can watch the complete video here:  

179: 8 Things Sam Marks Has Learned from Startup Investing

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Sam goes over the top 8 things he has learned from investing in startups. Sam has invested in 9 startups in the last 8 years and has seen 3 exits and/or partial exits in the last six months. He'll go over the process of investing in a startup, what to look for and what to avoid as well.  Listen to ILAB 179 on here or subscribe on your favorite podcast app. Where we are: Johnny FD – Ukraine / IG Sam Marks – South Carolina/ IG Derek Spartz - Venice Beach / IG ...

Andrew Sugrue - Investing in Paradigm Shifts - [Invest Like the Best, EP. 224]

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My guest today is Andrew Sugrue, co-founder, and partner at Avenir Growth Capital. Avenir is a growth equity firm focused on backing category-defining businesses. In our conversation, we cover Andrew’s investing career, what he learned from Julian Robertson, how counter-positioning could drive unique distribution, and the difference between good and bad growth. We also spend time examining the business model of two of Andrew’s portfolio businesses, SavageXFenty and...

Jonathon Jacobson and Staley Cates – 25 Years of Shared Values in Value Investing

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In this episode, Southeastern's Vice-Chairman Staley Cates interviews highly respected peer and long-term friend of the firm, Jonathon Jacobson, Founder of HighSage Ventures and former CIO and Co-Founder of Highfields Capital. Staley and Jonathon have a wide-ranging discussion, covering the past, present and future of the industry. They begin with Jonathon’s decision to close Highfields and return investors’ capital in 2018, amidst a backdrop of value being dramatically...

"Humankind Value" with James Katz, Founder and CEO of Humankind Investments

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Hello podcast listeners, Today is a very special episode with James Katz, Founder and CEO of Humankind Investments. Before this James was a quantitative equity analyst at Vanguard. He earned his PhD in Business Administration from Stanford and his Bachelors in Computer Science, Philosophy, Political Science, and Economics from the University of Pennsylvania. Today's episode is hosted by Natalie Wu. James and Natalie discuss his approach to investing, ESG, and "Humankind...

#307 – Vikram Mansharamani, Harvard Lecturer and Author - In All Bubbles, You Usually Have A ‘This Time It’s Different’ Story

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In episode 307, we welcome our guest, Vikram Mansharamani, a Harvard lecturer, author, and global trend spotter who shows people how to anticipate the future, manage risk, and spot opportunities.    In today’s episode, we’re talking all about financial bubbles. Vikram wrote the book , which uses multiple lenses to spot financial bubbles. Today, he shares that framework with us and relates it to today’s market. He explains why skyscrapers and stadiums help predict...

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