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How the market got caught out on Sainsbury’s | Lowland's Laura Foll

Tom Stevenson is here to round up the latest goings on affecting investors - with news of a stumble for Sainsbury’s proposed deal with Asda - and we’ll look at why it pays to expect the unexpected. Then our interview with Laura Foll, manager of the Lowland Investment Company, that’s an investment trust. Laura talked about the prospects for income investors right now and explained how Lowland has managed to grow the income it pays by around 7% a year. If you enjoy the show...

#44: Ojai Oil Company (OJOC)

In this episode, Eric Schleien & Anthony Waldichuk discuss Ojai Oil Company (OJOC).  Anthony started out as a trader for what is now TD Ameritrade Institutional’s trading desk, moved onto LPL Financial where he traded equities, then moved over to trade fixed income instruments. Then moved to the buy-side as a portfolio manager for Neosho Capital LLC, where he focused on international and emerging market equities.  Retired in 2016 to oversee his real estate portfolio, but still...

David Enrich Discusses the Libor Scandal

Bloomberg View columnist Barry Ritholtz interviews David Enrich, finance editor at the New York Times and author of "The Spider Network: The Wild Story of a Math Genius, a Gang of Backstabbing Bankers, and One of the Greatest Scams in Financial History." (That scam, of course, was the Libor scandal.) Previously the financial enterprise editor at the Wall Street Journal, Enrich has received numerous journalism awards, including an award from the Overseas Press Club for his coverage of...

Investing in Asia: with Irene Goh, Adam McCabe and Richard Dunbar

Asia in general and China in particular have been at the forefront of investor thinking both in terms of trade and the efficacy of Chinese monetary and fiscal policy. Richard Dunbar discusses these and broader views of the region’s markets, politics and economics with two of ASI’s senior investors based in the region, Irene Goh and Adam McCabe

Bootstrapping a Better Vaccine

Jake Glanville and his small biotech startup are trying to beat big pharmaceutical companies and major research institutions to a potentially game-changing medical breakthrough: the universal flu vaccine. 


Recent news came out that Alibaba (NYSE: BABA) just closed a $10 billion financing round for Ant Financial Services Group, operator of China’s biggest online payment platform by market share, Alipay. The deal valued the company at $150 billion and this is an excellent example to show how the little investor gets screwed. Want to know more about what I do? Full-time independent stock market analyst and researcher! STOCK MARKET RESEARCH PLATFORM (analysis, stocks to buy, model...

Bonus Episode: Wes Gray - Factor Investing is More Art, and Less Science

We recently published The Best Investment Writing, Volume 2. The first book was a hit, with MoneyWeek concluding that it “should be on every investor’s bookshelf.” But we made the second volume even better – we expanded it to include 41 hand-selected investment articles, written by some of the most respected money managers and investment researchers in the world. We thought it would be fun to bring on some of the authors so that they could read their specific chapter...

The Effects of Sexism on American Women: The Role of Norms vs. Discrimination

Kerwin Koni Charles, Edwin A. and Betty L. Bergman Distinguished Service Professor at the University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy, joins hosts Peter Cappelli and Iwan Barankay to discuss his research on gender discrimination in the labor market as outlined in his recent paper, "The Effects of Sexism on American Women: The Role of Norms vs. Discrimination" on In the Workplace.

Hackathons: New Technologies Can Help Raise Tax Revenue in Africa

While the word hack sounds nefarious there’s nothing sinister about a hackathon. It is a creative brainstorming event that brings together people from the private sector, government, academia, civil society and technical experts to devise solutions to help governments raise revenues. In this podcast, economist Katherine Baer talks about her recent experience in hackathons in Senegal, Uganda and Ivory Coast, and how new technologies can help those governments collect more taxes. ...

a16z Podcast: How Founders Hire a VP of Product

Hiring a VP of Product -- especially as the founder of the company -- can almost feel like handing over your baby to someone else to hold, observes a16z executive talent team partner Caroline Horn, who hosted an event on this topic earlier this year (which this podcast is based on). Featuring Vijay Balasubramaniyan, founder/CEO of Pindrop; Shishir Mehrotra, founder and CEO of Coda; Gokul Rajaram, Production Engineering Lead at Square; and Alan Schaaf, founder/CEO of Imgur --...

#45 - Gary Antonacci - “You Get a Synergy That Happens When You Use (Dual Momentum)"

In Episode 45, we welcome one of the most often-requested guests for our podcast, Gary Antonacci. After a few minutes on Gary’s background, the guys dive into Gary’s “Dual Momentum” research. To make sure everyone is on the same page, Meb asks for definitions before theory. “Relative momentum” compares one asset to another. “Absolute momentum” compares performance to its own track record over time, also called time-series momentum. Gary uses a...

US crude: overpriced, overhyped, and over here?

As trade tensions mount, US crude production continues to grow and it has to go somewhere; Europe and Asia have been accommodating homes so far but have troubles of their own. How much more crude does Europe need, and who is losing out in the US export explosion? Joel Hanley is joined by Platts...

Ep 38. Becoming a Better Investor, Accounting, and DCF's

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Tom Stevenson's Market Week - 18th September 2018

Fidelity’s Tom Stevenson reviews the stories moving markets. In this week's update: • Trade tensions deepen as Trump launches new tariffs • Oil back above $80 a barrel • Lessons from Lehman - 10 years after the crisis

Gimlet 13: Fake It Til You Make It

Episode 13 addresses a question that has been dogging us since the company’s beginnings: Are we a technology company or a content company?This question led to months of debate. Many voices weighed in on either side, including Marco Arment, the lead developer of Tumblr and creator of Instapaper, who came in surprisingly anti-tech.A few weeks back, we had a breakthrough when one of the most successful tech companies in the world paid a visit to the Gimlet Media...

Global Economic Outlook: World Growth Forecast Cut on US-China Trade Battle

Protectionist US trade policies have now reached the point where they are materially affecting what remains a strong global growth outlook, with the US-China trade battle prompting us to downgrade our 2019 global GDP forecast, says Fitch Ratings in its new Global Economic Outlook (GEO).

Fri. 09/14 - More Drama Inside Google

More signs of drama inside Google, how Apple cleared the new Apple Watches through the FDA, how the Weather Channel made that insane flooding video, and the weekend longreads suggestions. Links:Google Employees Are Quitting Over The Company’s Secretive China Search Project (Buzzfeed News)Google’s internal political battles keep spilling out into the public (The Verge)The new heart-monitoring capabilities on the Apple Watch aren’t all that impressive (Quartz)iPhone XS Max and...

Interview With Robert Johnson: Masters in Business (Audio)

April 22 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg View columnist Barry Ritholtz interviews Robert Johnson, president and chief executive officer of the American College of Financial Services. This interview aired on Bloomberg Radio.

US Unemployment Claims Are Flattening As Concerns About A Recession Mount

The seasonally adjusted initial unemployment claims came in at 216K for the week ending July 13, which is 8K higher than that of the previous week. Seasonally unadjusted unemployment claims came in at 243.5K in the week ending July 13, representing an increase of 11.5K over the previous week.

Why Apple Has A long Road Ahead To Become A Service Company

While the growth in services is good we think that for apple to become a serviced based company, they would have to declare war on all businesses currently operating in their domain, and re-think how they approach research and development. The company has the cash and market power to do it.

Sizing Up Slack: What are Investors Getting Into

In early trading the stock went up 48.4% to US$38.62 per share, easing fears of a collapse in price, as a direct listing by-passes the traditional demand discovery process. The strong uptake could potentially reflect the general euphoric sentiment of the times, or potentially strong fundamentals.

IMF's World Economic Outlook Reflect Fear of Politics

The decline in world stock markets in late 2018 provided a signal of things to come. Economic fundamentals remain ok, but could likely change if the level of uncertainty continues well into 2019. Businesses have become conservative about future investment, and bi-lateral trade flows have declined.

Keep Your Eyes Peeled For The Day This Stock Begins to Move

It is still early to determine whether Bed Bath and Beyond has bottomed out, but the stock appears to have been beaten down too hard by the market. The company's financials remain reasonably strong as still free cashflow are high, sales have grown, and margin slippage manageable.

Conduent: An opportunity to Hitch Hike on Iachn's Activism

Conduent is a significantly undervalued technology and business process outsourcing company. After years of mismanagement under Xerox's stewardship, Conduent was recently spun-off and a new CEO appointed who been aggressively restructuring the company.

Polaris at a Once in a Lifetime Discount

Polaris is on a multi-year discount. They continue to lead the power sports market, and is well positioned to growth in and outside the side by side vehicle market. They also has a massive moat built on its dealer network, product design, manufacturing capabilities, brand, and install base.

The Untold Truth About Investing: Warren Buffet's Letter

Notwithstanding the wide coverage that Buffet received over the years, it appears that the real truth about investing is still lost upon many. Buffet has developed an extraordinary record of picking stocks, yet many continue to undervalue his process, so much that he has to reinforce its tenets.

Warren Buffet Hints At The Secret To Wealth in his 2018 Shareholder Letter

As investors look to navigate a volatile 2019, it doesn't hurt to take instruction from the greatest investor of our time. One of the key strategies to success in investing is understanding what you are paying for. In pursuit of this goal, the issue of valuation is very important.

Xerox: A Complex Special Situation With Limited Downside Risk, and Big Potential

Bureaucratic red tape and complacency led Xerox to give away technologies that would come to define the backbone of the information age. Over its 110 years history, the company built up a cadre of intangible assets that has now attracted activist investor Carl Icahn who is looking to make changes.

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