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150 | Accountability | Diania Merriam

Diania Merriam discusses accountability, shifting perspectives, and community. She has a great perspective on building community and life with balance. For more information, visit the show notes at

Time to make the Donuts

Twitter user @Donutshorts calls in to discuss his investment process, assess the world at large and identify some companies which may offer compelling opportunities on the long and short side.  0:55 Positioning in an “everything bubble” 6:15 WeWork and trouble in tier-one real estate 11:30 Low rates in the U.S., negative rates elsewhere.  Convergence coming? 17:30 Opportunities and risks in the energy patch 20:20 Uber, unicorns and free money Subscribe to Grant’s...

Ross Glotzbach - The Power and Strength of Experience

Today’s conversation is with Ross Glotzbach, the CEO and Head of Research at one of the great names in value investing, Southeastern Asset Management, the firm founded by Mason Hawkins over 40 years ago. Ross is also the co-portfolio manager on Longleaf Partners, Small-Cap and Global Funds, as well as the Longleaf Partners Global UCITS Fund. Before joining Southeastern in 2004, he was a Corporate Finance Analyst at Stevens, Inc. after graduating from Princeton...

Owner Managers: Joseph Boskovich talks about finding great owner/operators with Tobias Carlisle on The Acquirers Podcast

Joseph Boskovich, Jr. is a Co-Founder and Partner at Old West Investment Management, LLC.   Prior to joining Old West, Joe spent five years as First Vice President at Aletheia Research and Management, Inc, which grew from $300 million in assets under management to roughly $ 11 billion. Joe began his career at the Century City office of Bear Stearns & Co., working in the private wealth management division. Joe graduated from the Marshall School of Business at the University...

149R | Whole Life Insurance

How to break Old Navy and cockamamie life insurance schemes are just two of the topics Brad and Jonathan cover in today's episode. For more information, visit the show notes at

MacroVoices #189 Stephanie Pomboy: S&P Earnings Do Not Equal Corporate Profits

Erik Townsend and Patrick Ceresna welcome Stephanie Pomboy to MacroVoices. They discuss the expansion of the FED’s balance sheet, the significance of the recent liquidity shock and the divergence between corporate profits and S&P and much more. In postgame, Rick Rule joins to discuss the strategies for participating in gold equity bull market. Link: 

Why repo market woes will linger

Michael DePalma, portfolio manager of the High Yield ETF, and Gary Siegel discuss the recent repo market issues, why they occurred and what can be done to correct them.

Take Notes: Incorporating ESG Into Our Structured Finance Framework

ESG is everywhere lately, but how does it fit into structured finance? We’ve long considered ESG in our analysis, but when one of the three becomes material enough to a transaction’s ability to make payments, it could be an “ESG credit factor.” Ildi Szilank and Matt Mitchell join us to discuss how relevant ESG credit factors are to structured finance ratings and examples ESG-related events in the sector.

Ep 125. Investing in Bank Stocks: Why Interest Rates and the Yield Curve Matter

Twitter: @Focusedcompound Email: info@focusedcompounding.com   Contact Geoff at: Email: gannononinvesting@gmail.com     Focused Compounding is an exclusive, members only site for buy and hold value investors. Inside, you will find: friendly forums, frequent blog posts on timeless investing concepts, and dozens of actionable stock ideas from other investors. Experience all this in the company of investors who follow the principles of Buffett, Munger, and Fisher instead of...

Stock Market News - The FED, Inflation, Interest Rates & Investing

Stock Market News - The FED, Inflation, Interest Rates & Investing! It is all important when it comes to investing, you have to focus on value and make sure to differentiate between statistics and what is important for your stock market portfolio and financial perspective. Buy things that offer value: moats, competitive advantages, limited supply... Stock Market News Want to know more about what I do? Full-time independent stock market analyst and researcher! STOCK...

Stock Market Research Platform Sven Carlin

Stock Market Research Platform Sven Carlin - an overview of where I think my stock market advantage comes from and an overview of my stock market research work. Stock Market Research Platform Sven Carlin - an overview of where I think my stock market advantage comes from and an overview of my stock market research work.

#182 - Larry Hite - I Want To Be In A Position Where Something Great Can Happen…If I Don’t Get That, I Don’t Want To Play

In episode 182 we welcome our guest, Larry Hite. Larry and Meb start off the conversation with Larry’s origin as a trend follower, and the parallels to trend following and life. Larry follows with personal challenges he overcame in life, and how he found a path to success through a life lesson, weeding out what he couldn’t do, and include the things that gave him a lot of enjoyment and potentially a lot of money (or both). Next, Larry gets into his start in investing,...

What is an ETN? - Understanding Exchange Traded Notes

What are the benefits and risks of investing in exchange-traded notes (ETNs) compared with ETFs. Topics covered include:How big is the market for ETNs compared with ETFs.How ETNs can do a better job tracking their target index than ETFs.Why ETNs can be more tax-efficient than ETFs..How ETNs have counterparty risk, pricing risk, and liquidity risk.Under what circumstances would an ETN be preferred over an ETF. Thanks to WIX and Policygenius for sponsoring the episode.

Financial Stability: The Good and Bad of Lower Rates

The Global Financial Stability Report exposes weak spots in the global economy that could amplify the impact of a shock, such as an intensification of trade tensions or rising corporate debt. Fabio Natalucci heads the team of economists who write the GFSR. In this podcast, Natalucci says if current trends continue, debt owed by firms unable to cover interest expenses with earnings, or debt-at-risk, could rise to $19 trillion. Fabio Natalucci, is Deputy Director in the IMF's...

Ep 183: On The Couch With Financial Therapist Amanda Clayman 

That's just a bit of the wisdom shared by this week's HerMoney podcast guest, financial therapist Amanda Clayman. In her role, Amanda guides her clients on how they can positively change their overall approach to their finances, and adjust their thinking in areas that may be holding them back.  Over the last decade, the concept of financial therapy has become more mainstream, as more people have sought to discover why and how our thoughts and feelings may shape our...

S3E7: Hard Work is the Equalizer with Kiesha Nix

During the episode, Kiesha shares her big move from the banking industry to the philanthropy community, which paved way to living her dream. She reveals self-motivating insights that will help women shift to their true passion. She also shares her inspiring journey as a single mom to her son who, according to her, is her greatest success.

CLOs Uncovered Podcast with Taron Wade, LCD

View Full Transcript Everything you ever wanted to know about Leveraged Finance, CLOs, and Corporate Credits: what are they? With the aim of providing market participants with further advanced analytical insight into Corporate Credits, CLOs and Leveraged Finance deals, S&P Global is holding regular podcast episodes based on key features we’re seeing in corporate credits and sectors that CLOs are exposed to. Podcast fortnightly on Tuesdays. In today’s episode, Hina Shoeb...

Apple's Q3-19 Financials in Four Charts

Apple recently presented its Q3 of FY-20 results, which came in better than market consensus but showed signs of challenges in the business. Management has anticipated the changes in the industry, but it appears that the solutions are either not enough or require more time to mature

CenturyLink is Considering Spinoff of The Consumer Division

Shortly after the management team at Centurylink (NYSE: CTL) announced a US$6.4Bn write down of goodwill, the company announced that will be doing a strategic review of their consumer business. he consumer business is a US$5.3Bn business that has seen some rough times recently.

In-spite of the Slowdown, Dwelling Starts in Canada Running At Pre-2008 Rate

Data released by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) show that the annual rate at which new dwellings are being built has declined by 13.3% in May-2019 (202,337), relative to April-2019 (233,410). When compared to May-2018 (194,829), dwelling starts was higher by 3.9%.

Private Equity Interest in Genesee & Wyoming is a Head Scratcher

With the model of private equity companies, and Genesee & Wyoming's unique situation in mind, it is bewildering how private equity companies expect to deliver alpha in this situation. Valuations are high, and the company appears to be financially optimized, but could benefit from scale.

Canada's Household Debt in 4 Charts

Interest rates have been increasing, new mortgage stress test requirements were implemented, and other restrictions at the municipal and provincial levels were implemented. Since then, there have been a significant improvement in the quality of household debt, but has debt accumulation slowed?

The Q4 Results of Polaris Show That They Need To Cool Down on Acquisitions

Overall Polaris Industries remains a good business with a great products. Over the last 10- years they have managed to generate industry leading return on capital, and profit margins. However, we fear that the pressure to continue to growth may lead management to take on unnecessary risks.

Special Situation Investors Drooling For Bankrupted IHeartMedia

As the iHeratMedia bankruptcy process concludes, it's management will have less distraction and the organization will be more focused on strengthening the business. The continuity in management personnel should bode well for the business, given that the primary weakness was around capital structure.

Do not Kill the Goose that Laid the Golden Egg

We don't disagree that Canada Goose is in a unique position to use its brand equity to drive top line growth in the months ahead. Our point of contention is that that growth is likely already accounted for in the stock price. At these levels, the stock price represent more downside than upside.

US Economy Walking on a Tight Rope In spite of Solid Headline Numbers

The US economy is still registering what appears to be solid numbers on the surface. The November-2018 issue of the Manufacturing ISM Report on Business is filled with goodies, but there are risks to these headline numbers, risks that have been magnified by a rising rate environment.

Darth Vader Swoops in for Pandora Media, Provides Overvalued Stock in Exchange

Recently, John Malone's Sirius XM holdings bought Pandora in all stock transaction valued US$3.5Bn. This business combination, if approved will lead to the world's largest audio entertainment company with US$7Bn in FY-18 proforma revenues. John Malone has been very busy expanding his US$7Bn empire.

US Tax Cuts are tantamount to leveraged bet on American Business

Many pundits have argued that tax cuts are bad for America and many have argued that they are good. Unfortunately, most of the arguments have been presented through political lenses. In our view, the tax cuts are tantamount to an investment by the US government in American businesses.

The Market Power of Apple Media Inc.

Apple's media business is growing quickly and is developing a reputation as one of the best in the business. Apple has the brand power and the cash to comman the attention of big names in the space such Oprah, and Reese Witherspoon.

The Untold Truth About Investing: Warren Buffet's Letter

Notwithstanding the wide coverage that Buffet received over the years, it appears that the real truth about investing is still lost upon many. Buffet has developed an extraordinary record of picking stocks, yet many continue to undervalue his process, so much that he has to reinforce its tenets.

Conduent: An opportunity to Hitch Hike on Iachn's Activism

Conduent is a significantly undervalued technology and business process outsourcing company. After years of mismanagement under Xerox's stewardship, Conduent was recently spun-off and a new CEO appointed who been aggressively restructuring the company.

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